Design Inspiration: Room Divider Curtains

With the rise of the internet, we have also seen a surge in entrepreneurial spirit amongst the general populace. The average person can now easily run a small business from home without the need for a separate premises. It is usually desirable to have a separate area to work in, but many people do not have the space to have an entire room devoted to their startup. Many students, living both in and out of their parents’ home, are in the same situation; they need a work area but do not have the space to devote a room to it. You may also need a spare room for another purpose, or need to add some privacy to a certain area of your home; but adding walls is far too expensive, permanent and honestly, who needs the hassle?

What to do in this situation? One answer is to section off a specific area with curtains to create a separate space for your needs. It can be just the corner of a room, or as large as you need it to be!

Below is a different but great example of utilising curtains to maximise your space. If you look closely, you can see the track at the top of the curtains runs all the way across the top of the adjacent wall so that the large curtain can be drawn all the way across the wardrobe and window.

Have a studio apartment, but would prefer some privacy? Why not look at adding a curtain around your bed for a cosy, relaxing space.

Such partitions can be great for office buildings too, to create private sections for meetings that can be opened to resize the space or return it to an open plan room.

Sections separated by curtains do not need to be against a wall either, when affixed to the ceiling the choice is up to you!

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This gorgeous space interchanges between an airy open plan room and a cosy home theatre; a lovely space for winter evenings on the couch!

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If you have any questions about how to utilise curtains as room dividers in your home, please contact as and we can discuss and even do a free in-home measure and consultation.