How do I choose the right curtains for my home?

Choose the right window treatments can be a very daunting task and you need to get it right the first time. I recently had a client who had shopped around and was so confused and overwelmed by the choices she had to make. I broke it down into some simple manageable steps so eliminate the stress.

By asking these specific questions I was able to get a clearer idea of the clients needs. 

Why do you need curtains?

  • Is it for privacy?
  • Daytime or night time?
  • Does the room get too hot or too cold?
  • Is the room noisy and needing help with acoustics?
  • Do you live in a noisy neighbourhood?
  • Does the room need to be darkened?
  • It is just for appearance?

The customer was concerned about privacy both day and night as well as the temperature and light.

What is the purpose of the room?

  • What room is it? Bedroom, Lounge, Office etc
  • Is it formal or casual area?
  • Who uses it?

I then found out that it was the bedroom and her husband was a shift worker and need the room darkened to sleep during the day it also faces west so it gets very hot in the afternoon.

What is in the room that can influence the choice?

  • What style of furniture?
  • Any dominant features?
  • What colour are the walls?
  • Is there a feature wall or exposed brick?
  • What is the floor covering?
  • Are there any dominant features in the room?

The furniture was modern and over the bed is a large abstract print with splashes of oranges and purple. The walls were all white with a soft grey carpet. There was also a large modern light. So again it was narrowing the suitable choices.

What is the budget?

This really helps as there is a massive price range available. I have had customers in the past that have not wanted to give this information. We have gone through the selection process and they have found the perfect fabric and fallen in love with it and then discovered it is not in their price point. It becomes a delemma that nothing else is a good as what they love. Other options in their price range would still look great and they would have been extremely happy but they keep going back and comparing everything to something that is out of their reach. 


At this point I was able to guide the customer to a selection of 5 suitable fabrics in a neutral colour with a texture a a bit of sheen in her price point. We addressed the issue of light by using a good quality blockout lining and a pelmate in the tracking system to block the light and also the heat. To add a bit of luxury I suggested a bed runner and cushions to tie the artwork.

The finished product.

The customer ordered the curtains and was extremely happy and so was her husband he can now sleep comfortably during the day.

They later ordered the finishing touches I suggested to give the room the complete look.

The whole process was made easy by asking good questions. Understanding what their actual needs are is so important. It’s not a one size fits all so a personal approach is needed for every job.

Why use Julan Curtains and Blinds?

  • All our consultants are trained in the steps outlined above and the latest trends.
  • We are 100% South Australian owned and operated.
  • All the blinds and tracks are from South Austalian suppliers. 
  • Curtains and accessories are all manufactured in our workroom that is located behind the showroom. This gives us control over the quality and delivery time.
  • Julan are Members of the Window Coverings Association of Australia. As Members we abide by strict guidelines for quality of manufacturing and service.
  • We have a large range of fabrics but if we don’t have quite what you need we are happy to source it from our many suppliers.
  • Our complete in home service can save you time and you get to see the fabrics in your home.

Common mistakes

Some people buy what they want before getting good quality advise. A business that sells both curtains and blinds has a better practical understanding of both products and the best application for them. 

Colours change in different lights so it is important to look at the colour several times during the day as well as at night.


Curtains and blinds are an investment so get the best advice from an experience consultant that keeps up with the latest products and trends.